Veteran’s Wall

“May our brothers know that the Sierra was well represented” 
Vietnam Veteran Donald Pino in his inscription of the book "To Heal a Nation"

The Village of Tijeras thanks to Vietnam Veterans Jimmy Chavez and David Wilson for inspiring us to place a wall that is dedicated to all who have served our country during time of war.

May that service dedication for our freedom never be forgotten.

This flag was donated to the Tijeras Veteran’s Memorial by artist and Vietnam Veteran George Herman Salas on September 20, 2020

“This rendering of the American Flag is meant to symbolize the Veteran Era. As a Vietnam Veteran and an artist, I created this metal sculpture in January of 1999 to portray the feelings of war that remain with me to this day. 

Old Glory is torn, to describe our fractured nation, red and white stripes divided. The white stars are to symbolize the Soldiers  who lost their lives in action, the MIAs and POWs. The illusion of stars falling out of the flag as a tribute to those who have returned but are homeless. They are the true Stars” – George Herman