Planning Commission

The Village Planning and Zoning Ordinance provides guidance to residents, businesses and government agencies regarding the rules and procedures for construction, remodeling and landscaping projects. 

The deadline for your submission is the Thursday before the bi-monthly meeting at 12:00pm (except for holidays). Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, except for holidays.

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Danny Jaramillo


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Victor Gonzales


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Loran Martinez


Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 12/22/2021

Planning & Zoning 

The regulations and restrictions of this Ordinance are designed to avoid congestion in the streets and public ways; to secure safety from fire, flood. and other dangers; to promote the general welfare of the community; to preserve and conserve local water resources; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, and other community requirements; to conserve the value of property; and to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the Village of Tijeras.

Subdivisions Regulation

Ordinance No. 140 Comprehensive Master Plan

The Village will preserve its rural mountain character, the natural beauty and existing resources while encouraging development that serves residents and businesses and enables econmic growth.


Resolution No. 2020 Fireworks Restriction

Proclaiming Hazardous Fire Conditions and Severe Drought Conditions in the Village that Endanger the Health, Safety, and Welfare of its Citizens; Imposing Restrictions on the Use of Fireworks

Ordinance No. 185 Animal Care Ordinance

The Village of Tijeras has adopted Bernalillo County Animal Care Ordinance as the local law that establishes the general and permanent regulation.

Ordinance No. 190 Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

This ordinance is intended to help achieve the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Master Plan and is viewed as a vital tool for accomplishing that Plan.

Administrative Review

Thank you for coming to the Village to apply for Planning and Zoning Commission and Council approval for your project.

Below is the application. You can come to Village Hall to pick a physical copy of the application. The Ordinance may be purchased for a fee of $5.00 and can also be found online under “Village Ordinances”. At that time discuss the scope of the project with the Clerk to determine if any special requirements may be necessary for the project.  At a minimum the applicant must complete the Administrative Review form including a detailed description of the planned project, including any trade work (electrical, plumbing, etc.) that might be required for the project.  If the project involves construction or landscaping the applicant must provide a detailed schematic of the planned project, see example below. The schematic must include; a pointer showing true north, all property lines, all streets adjacent to the property, the project and the distance from the project to all property lines and other buildings on the property. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the Village Clerk at 281-1220.

The approval process involves three steps.  

Please note that payment MUST be received along with application. You can bring payment into office, mail it in, or call and pay over phone. Applications without payment will not be considered. 

Step One

First, the application is submitted by the resident or business for review and approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Council.  The application requirements are discussed above

Step Two 

Once approved by the Village, the second step is for the applicant to take the approved application to Bernalillo County to determine if a County building permit is required and obtain the permit if necessary.  You can contact the Building Section of Bernalillo County at 314-0351 and ask for a Building Inspector, their offices are at 111 Union Square SE, Suite 100. 

Step 3 

Finally, when the project is complete the applicant will provide the Village notification of completion, copies of building permits issued by the County and copies of code inspections (if any) that were required by the building permit.

Zoning Application

Example Schematic Picture

Let’s Work Together!

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