Santo Nino Church

The Santo Nino Church was constructed around 1912 as a Roman Catholic chapel. It is registered on both the State Register of Cultural Properties (1977), and the National Register of Historic Places. In the early 1900s, the Roman Catholic Church acquired the property on which the Santo Nino church now stands. (Chris Wilson, Historic Resources Reconnaissance Survey of the Manzano and Sandia Mountain Villages.) The Village of Tijeras now owns it.














The outside of the building has undergone a renovation and continued renovations are anticipated. These renovations are being conducted with regulatory oversight from the State Historic Preservation Office. Within the Village limits are approximately 10 pre-1945 buildings, the buildings have the potential of being historically significant if they meet the criteria for registration of cultural properties


Historical Church (circa late 1800s) including:
• 45 ½’ x 19’ multi use space with small annex attached
• Small raised stage/pulpit/alter
• Podium
• Three power outlets (110)
• Fire extinguisher


  • Two (2) indoor trash receptacles with additional liners
  • 20 Folding Chairs

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Facility Rental Application